Girls with Grit Collective was formed by three professional female Realtors from across the US who saw an opportunity to connect and collaborate amongst themselves and with other incredible women in Real Estate. We have found a way to share and support through our group and to help create meaningful relationships across the globe to help others level up their own Real Estate business, instead of looking at one another as competition. By helping every agent find their own personal GRIT we have created a distinctive women’s collaborative that has blossomed into a formal business and movement. 

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Jamie has been a licensed realtor for over a decade. She currently serves the Raleigh, NC market. She is a part of a cloud based global brokerage and has partner agents across the country. She has been featured on HGTV, has a bachelors in interior design from California State University Fresno, and is known as the Designing Realtor. She loves digital marketing and social selling the modern way. She is a wife and mother of two. 

Jamie Tulak

raleigh, nc

Tara has served the Denver, Colorado market for over 15 years. She has deep passion for marketing and a 5 star customer service experience that she says are the cornerstones to her highly successful real estate business. It has helped her become a nationwide top 1% Realtor. Tara knows that Real Estate has absolutely changed her life and the course of her family’s lives and she wants more people to experience that through her mentoring and coaching. When she's not selling Real Estate, she loves to travel and attend her kids sporting & school events. Tara is a wife and mother to two boys.

Tara McCarthy

Denver, CO

Lauren is an Icon agent in Charlotte, NC. Being a wife and mother of 2 boys keeps things interesting at the Rocco house. As an experienced Realtor of 17 years she understands the importance of the home sale/purchase. It's the attention to detail and her ability to put the clients needs at the forefront that have set her apart and catapulted her to the top 3% of all real estate agents. Lauren is also building out a team of other successful Realtors across the nation through mentorship and collaboration. Helping other Realtors succeed has become a huge part of her platform. Lauren attributes a lot of her success to aligning with the right people, frequent coffee breaks and tacos. Lots of tacos.

Lauren Rocco

charlotte, nc

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